Tunturi Funhop Trampoline 95cm

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Train, bounce and jump on the Tunturi Funhop Fitness trampoline. That's really nice! You can make trampoline jumping a daily workout activity with the Tunturi Funhop Fitness trampoline - Mini trampoline 95 cm. Did you know that jumping promotes metabolism? In addition, you will improve your balance and strengthen your muscles. In short: jumping is healthy and can be done by people of all ages!

The benefits of the Tunturi Fitness Trampoline – Bounce trampoline
✓ Train your muscles in a fun and intensive way
✓ Improve your balance, coordination, stability and endurance
✓ Made of galvanized steel


• Material: galvanized steel pipes, synthetic and foam
• Size: Ø: 95 cm
• Maximum weight: 100 kg
• Available in two sizes, Ø: 95 cm and Ø: 125 cm