Tunturi EVA Weightlifting Belt

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This Tunturi EVA Weightlifting Belt Large is specifically designed to support the abdominal muscles when creating a pressure in your abdominal cavity. That pressure comes from inhalation, holding your breath and then tensing your abdominal muscles. If you are lifting heavy weights, it is important to have optimal abdominal pressure. The higher the pressure, the more weight you can lift. However, the more abdominal pressure, the more pressure on your spine and the harder your abdominal muscles have to work. Some support through this EVA weightlifting belt can thus be very handy and may also help prevent annoying injuries to the spine.

The benefits of the Tunturi EVA Weightlifting Belt Large 120cm
✔ Soft material for a comfortable feel
✔ Supports the abdominal muscles when weightlifting
✔ Prevents accidental bending of the spine
✔ Solid Velcro fastening