E-620 Standing UBE

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The E620 Standing Upper Body Ergometer (UBE) is built for high intensity, powerful training. Perfect for all fitness levels – from the beginner to the veteran – it offers 20 levels of patented variable fluid resistance. Coupled with the bi-directional rotation movement, it offers complete body engagement, not only building arms and back muscles, but also offering an excellent cardiovascular workout too. Its step on design, wide foot supports and bi-directional movement ensures the UBE is ideal for rehabilitation patients and wheelchair users. Incredibly durable, the E620ST UBE boasts a tough, polycarbonate tank, stainless steel marine-grade impellers and rust-proof e-coating. Self-levelling ergonomic hand grips and wide foot supports offer comfort and total stability while the adjustable multi-level computer enables users to keep track of their performance with ease. The Apollo Pro II Rower comes fitted transit wheels for easy transportation.


Patented Variable Fluid Resistance: 20 levels of intensity, enabling easy progression and flexibility 

Durable build: tough polycarbonate tank; environmentally-friendly rust-proof e-coating; stainless steel marine-grade impellers; heavy duty usage 

Bi-directional rotation: complete muscle engagement; excellent rehabilitation potential Fixed crank arms: optimum comfort and dependability 

Step-on design: ideal for all users including rehabilitation patients and wheelchair users 

Multi-level computer: monitors performance; adjustable 

Wide foot supports: total stability and enables wheelchair use 

Self-levelling ergonomic hand grips: reduce wrist torque 

Built-in transit wheels: easy to move from place to place

 Product dimensions: 193 x 114cm